Monday, August 07, 2006

Chinese Traditions and Weddings

Chinese Traditions and Weddings

SG was tasked to write a short portion on Chinese Traditions for the church’s Marriage Preparation Class. After much pondering & reading the only book he can lay his hands on, he’s ready to draft some stuff.

But he thought he should give some formula (yes, good old engineer) to help the couples along. So, he came up with

 P + D + A

 P= Pray
 D= Deposit (into the parents’ accounts)
 A= Anticipate the incoming arrows

From SG’s experience, many people can do A, and even P. But few really do D. And it’s really important. In fact, it will continue even after the wedding day. Often, Christians got very involved in church but neglected their families. Of cos, church family is important. But we need to spend some effort in maintaining the relationships with our siblings & parents too right?

Now, to pray before writing the first draft…

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Jeff Chong said...

I like your insight... you are a great couple that God will use greatly to impact many!