Sunday, September 09, 2007

Forest Adventure

Our Care Group (aka Cell Group) had a mystery outing on 8 Sep, organised by an outdoor lover, Belle. We were told only of location (Bedok Reservoir), but not what activity. On arrival, we discovered it was the new Forest Adventure.

The Grand Course has 4 stations or 'sites'. Very safe in SG's opinion. Took us about 2.5 hours to complete everything, including repeating a good tarzan jump near the end!

Here are some highlights of our 2-plus hours of sweat, climbing & zipping down wire lines.

PS: Courtesy of Delia who helped to take most of the photos!!

Stage 0 We started with some simple 'exercises', including safety practices (as we will be on our own from Stage 2-4 without supervision).

Karen learning to land from a zip line...

Slow & steady..

Hurry up, I need go toilet!!

Belle demo the fastest way across a line

Stage 1 Supervised Station- Tarzan & First Zip line (across water!)

Ready, Set, ....

SG now understand insects feel like caught in a web!

Karen caught in a web

Where's spidery??


Yes, these ropes are strong!!

Walking on water??

Stage 2 To be or Not to Be (2 possible routes)

Of cos must try difficult one. Pay $25, you know!

I'm right behind you!

Joel ready to fly while Belle is calling pizza??

Stage 3

Always a challenge to try to face forward when coming down. 'cos we tend to spin & sometimes landed on our back. Here are some of our heroics!

Belle's coming down the zip line

Andrew's zipping down

Mingli zooming by

Joel trying to stay forward!

More photos here ->

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