Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Party 24 Dec 06

This year, our care/cell group is participating in a cooking competition at the combined Christmas party.
Our people hard at work
Beautifying our main dish...
Our main dish- Prawns Mango Salad
Appetiser - Tomato Baked Beans & Prawns!
After the hard work, it's time to relax. Here's our whole care/cell..
while the others still sweat it out in the kitchen...
...and in the hall too.

All food onboard!

Zhihao trying his best to rescue his 'marriage-not-colourful' speech

Karen adding to the PSI for the night
Enough talk, let's tuck in!!

Sunny announcing the cooking competition results

Caroling led by Wilson
The whole gang giving their attention
Our song birds
What are thes people singing about?

The End

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lyn said...

Thanks for capturing the highlights of the nite! Hmm.. I thought the mango prawn salad is your appetizer and the tomato cup thingy is your main dish :P