Friday, December 29, 2006

A Skeptics Quest

SG found this interesting article on the Internet while doing some homework for the upcoming Seekers Forum. Very interesting. Below is an extract & some after-thoughts.


So I started looking for answers. Now, where I was brought up, a lot of people had religion. So I took off on religion. I was involved in it morning, afternoon, and night. But I must have gone to the wrong church because I actually felt worse.

Next I thought, "Well, maybe education is the answer." So I enrolled in the university. I was probably the most unpopular student with the professors in the first university I went to in Michigan. I wanted answers.

My economic theory professor could tell me how to make a better living, but he couldn't tell me how to live better. It didn't take me long to realize that a lot of faculty members, and students too, had more problems, less meaning to life, and more frustration than I did.

Then I thought, "Maybe prestige is the answer." Find a "calling" and give your life to it. So I ran for various student body offices and got elected. It was neat - knowing everyone on campus, making decisions, spending other people's money to do what I wanted. I enjoyed it.

But every Monday morning I woke up the same individual, usually with a headache because of the night before, with the same attitude, "Well, here we go again for another five days." Monday through Friday I sort of endured. Happiness revolved around three nights a week: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Then I'd start the whole cycle again.

Eventually I became frustrated. I doubt if too many students in the universities of our country have been more sincere in trying to find meaning and truth and power and purpose in life than I was, yet I hadn't found it.


About that time, around the campus I noticed a small group of people ñ eight students and two faculty. There was something different about their lives. They seemed to have direction. They seemed to know where they were going, and that was very unusual......

Rest of Article:

  1. Live out a live reflecting Christ & people will be drawn naturally.
  2. Intellectual conviction is essential but insufficient for conversion; supernatural courage is essential in final step.
  3. Faith is key to miracles.

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