Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Japan Trip - Part 1

First of all, we are back! And we did not experience the earthquake, thank God, 'cos when it occured, we were in the north, Hokkaido.

So, here's entry 1 for our trip. We relied heavily on japan-guide.com, which we used to obtain much useful info, including best Cherry Blossom Spots!

After a long overnight 7hour flight, we landed at Narita International Airport (which happened to be 1.5 hours away from the domestic airport!).

First stop is Asakusa Kannon Temple (oldest temple in Tokyo) and the Nakamise Shopping Street in front of it. Lots of attractive goodies here!

Famous red lantern at the entrance.

With long-lost primary school friend, Jim. We share the same surname! Meeting him for the first time after more than 20 years. And all the way here in Japan!

Don't these goodies look so tempting? The Jap munchies are famous for their packaging!
Next, is the well-known local shopping Ueno Flea Market, which is located under the railway track (but not noisy nor dirty).

Karen learning to post like the Japanese, always with a V-sign =)

After a quick drive pass of the Imperial Palace, we stop at the electronics heaven (Singapore's Sim Lim Square equivalent) at Akihabara:

Sorry, no electronics to buy, 'cos all in Japanese!

Before dinner, it's another hour ride to Yokohama Chinatown (Yokohama Chukagai). Not very interesting though, 'cos it resembles alot like those in Australia.

A quick group photo with Daniel & Cheryl (from Perth, Australia) and Annie, our tour guide.

Dinner at Odaiba, then it's another flight to Osaka before retiring for the night.

More photos here -> Flickr.com

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