Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Japan Trip - Part 4

Today started with a taste of Shinkansen, the famous bullet train which was launched for the Olympics in 1964. That's how we zoomed off towards Tokyo!

Next, a long bus ride to Mount Fuji, the famous mountain in Japan. Do you know you can see her from Tokyo on a clear day (from high ground, of course)?

A quick stop at Owakudani Valley (Boiling Valley), where sulphrous fumes rise from crevices in rocks. Here, the enterprising Japanese sells eggs boiled using the super hot sulphur, so hot that the egg shells turn black!

The eggs that are cooked till the shells turn black!

How can we not include the famous mouth-less cat as icon!

Due to some road closure, we visited Tenjinyama Ski Resort nearby for some photo-taking instead of going to the 5th level of Mt Fuji.

Owakudani Valley is where we spent the night, including our first Onsen (温泉 hot bath). The ladies are pretty shy about going for it while the guys are more 'open' and decide to 'just go'. Karen finds it addictive while SG feels it's way too hot.

A traditional Japanese room...

.. matched with traditional Yukata (浴衣)

... complimented with Nabe (鍋物 steam boat) dinner...

... and a good view of Mt Fuji from our room.

More photos on Soo Guan's Flickr page.

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