Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dinner@Pender Road

SG had a wonderful dinner at Natasha's place last Sat, along Pender Road. It was an old two-level house. Very airy. Floor is made of tiles from yester-years, reminding SG of 20 years ago the deco at his grandma's place. It was really a walk down memory lanes.

Food! Amazing feast, including roasted garlic, honey carrots & tasty salad.

Edna & Fatboy

After a fantastic meal, we took a walk along Pender road. It was very surprising to see a very nice church building Danish Seamen's Church.

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Nana said...

Hey there was also fantastic vodka pasta that my Papa made, and he sure put in alot of effort! Even though I didn't get to eat it, looking at Mommy's face I knew it tasted great :-P