Thursday, June 07, 2007

Only a learning process?

SG was talking with some friends. One was considering whether to continue his relationship with the present girlfriend or not. There seems to be another lady in the picture too.

One advice another friend gave was that there's no perfect match in this world. He spoke from his happy marriage that we shouldn't believe in "made in heaven" or "heavenly matched". Hence, we shuold change our mindset that marriage is a goal. Rather, it's all a process, of learning to accommodate and grow together. And marriage is also the coming together of two families.

SG believe in some truth in this talk. He thought it may not be a complete picture too. A good illustration is an author writing a book. An author must start with an ending in mind. Yes, the ending may change as the author writes & gets new ideas. Still, he has an ending and works towards it.

Therefore, marriage is both a learning process & a goal too.

Oh yes, another word for "love" is "commitement", esp in marriage.

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