Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mary vs Martha

SG nearing the end of a very busy semester. Not only full of teaching (both internal & external courses), also lots of projects.

Worse, there is no end in site. "No way to be full time in a few things.", "It will get worse.", "It's all about time management.", etc... lots advice from colleagues.

SG just yearn for days of being Mary, that he can take things slow & reflect more. In fact, he heard about a survey being done in USA among people who are old and dying, and the top 3 things they hope to do differently are (a)take more risks, (b)reflect more & (c)do more things that will last after they are gone.

Of cos, having a little baby & subject to her needs/'moods' (e.g. last few nights keep waking up 2-3am for no reason & refuse to calm down) is not easy. But, hey, she is growing stronger with each passing day!! See for yourself =)

Ultimately, like what Solomon says, "everything is meaningless, unless ..."


cl said...

Try this.. Start a one-sentence journal.

For me, it has grows to a few paragraphs now.

Details here:

Soo Guan & Karen said...

Thanks. Will try it out =)