Saturday, October 21, 2006

Wedding Stuff

SG was house-keeping his computer & came across several good websites on wedding he found last year. So want to share them with people who are planning:

Wedding Photography
  • Everafter Photography- they do interesting journalistic wedding day photography

  • Choosing a Wedding Photographer- interesting article on

  • Choosing a Wedding Photographer- interesting article on

  • Diamonds
  • FAQ on Diamonds

  • Wedding Forums
    These can be great source of recommendations, tips and what to look out for. But do take things as 'for info only'.

  • an active forum on all wedding stuff in Singapore

  • good article on photography too


  • seems to focus on wedding planning

  • Housing
  • CPF Resale Transactions Website- a guide on the latest resale flat transactions, down to block number!

  • Misc
  • Tecman Gifts

  • Chinese Calendar- being a Christian, I don't believe in choosing a good date. But we don't want to chose a date (eg. Hungry Ghost Festival) when our guests don't want to come right?

  • Chinese Bible

  • SGH Health Screening Centre- you may also want to check out family GPs to see if can provide the same deal at lower prices.
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