Wednesday, May 02, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

SG watched this not very popular movie last week. It was good. Al Gore really did quite a good research & presented the facts very well.

Check out

With more people reporting the effects of what happened when man tries to play God, there'll be more media coverage. Yes, education & awareness is a great start. But will it come too late??

When is late too late? Looking at people around us, we will see many ignorant/don't care about the problem. Until it hurts the pocket? What if even a deeper pocket won't help? What if $$ can't solve the problem of ice cap melting?

Too far away? Don't think so. Even simple things like switching off lights when getting out a room, using less plastic bags, re-cycle paper, print double-sided, etc, will go a long way.

We don't owe our children a living; we create or destroy one.

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