Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Japan Trip - Part 10

Today, we started off with an hour train ride to Otaru, a small harbour town.

We followed the Recommended Sightseeing Map.

We found a nice cosy local shop selling biscuit and crackers. Bought quite a few for friends & colleagues to try.

Of course, how can we miss the canal!

Redeveloped canal warehouses along the canal, consisting of mainly expensive restaurants.

We eat at a ramen store nearby. First time trying a black miso ramen. Nothing special though.

We next make our way to the music box museum, passing by some interesting spots along the way.

The music box museum is pretty impressive. The top level is also very interesting, where we can make our own music box. Though SG is quite tempted to do it, Karen say he won't appreciate it for long =(

The Mickey Mouse statues opposite the music box museum, also selling music boxes.

View from the 2nd floor of the museum.

Next stop is the famous Ishiya Chocolate Factory!

The outside of the factory, which is more like a theme park.

A model of the factory.

The production line. Notice the nice paintings on the wall.

On 2nd floor, there's a place where you can make your own cookies or chocolates.

The clock tower show at 4pm!

Tea break with in-house cakes. Not great though.

SG's new friend.

Karen's new house.


INK said...

Enjoyed reading your Japan post! Have been wanting to visit Hokkaido for a long time now and your pics just convince me even more. The feeling of seeing fresh snow is amazing isn't it! :D

sooguan said...

Thanx. Actually, I prefer summer or spring. More outdoor activities & also more beautiful scenery =)