Friday, May 25, 2007

New Job

SG had not blogged for a while. Why? Busy with new job.

Lots of things to do. Including updating teaching materials handed over from another colleague. SG discovered some stuff in syllabus are not taught. So have to add them in. Yet, he also has to grapple with the fact that many of the students just want to be spoon-feed and don't exercise self-initiative. Their main concerns are exam tips and getting good grades. Knowledge? Not very importnat. No wonder the country's manpower quality is getting poorer in this aspect.

Yet, is this attitude wrong? In a previous class of engineering graduates, SG discovered none did engineering. Most worked in sales, business, etc. None need their engineering know-how. So, just the paper to show will do in this case. Hence, good qualification is more important in the students' eyes right?
So, is it worthwhile then to put in effort to improve teaching materials when most don't want to learn so much and don't see the need to? If this is what the customer want, shouldn't the serivice provider just give them what they want?
Time to ask above what it really mean to be 'salt & light' here.....

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