Monday, April 02, 2007

Japan Trip - Part 7

First mission is to hunt down Cherry Blossom. Since Shinjuku Gyoen is near our hotel, we decided to go there to try our luck. And we are blessed!

The first type that we saw - pink with deep red center.

Another variety of Cherry Blossom.

Look, who's posing under the Cherry Blossom Tree again?

A huge group of Japanese school boys sitting under the spring sun & enjoying themselves.

Amazing Cherry Blossom Tree, with both white & red flowers!

Yet another variety. Very pinkish.

A quick stop for lunch, at a Ramen shop where we ordered by inserting money into a vending machine in the store.

A typical shop with ordering-cum-vending machine at the entrance.

We dropped by the Imperial Palace to take some photos and see if we can catch a glimpse of the royal family. No luck.

Famous Meganebashi (Eyeglass Bridge) in the background.

Entrance to the palace.

Since Shibuya (渋谷) is nearby, we popped by to check out Shibuya 109, a landmark shopping center. Tons of teenage fashion wear. Didn't buy anything though.

Look at the crowd!

A very nice deco at a shop downtown, made up purely of fresh rose petals!

Dinner was at a 75Yen standing Sushi bar. Very interesting. Food is very, very raw. We don't know all the fish we have 'cos some of the names are all in Japanese. It is a good experience!

In front of a standing 75Yen sushi bar.

Notice that they place the sushi on a leave in front of you? There's no washabi, 'cos the Sushi chef will put it on the rice for you.

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