Sunday, April 01, 2007

SG's Last Day

Fri (30 March) was SG's day in MAS. It was a day of goodbye's and thank you's.

It was a good 4 years. Beside learning the experience in managing production systems and working in a corporate world, memories of though times are the most treasured, esp with great people in the department. Such as working without a wink for the 1st Business Continuity Planning test (from Sat 8am to Sunday 10am). And struggling over 2-3days with 4 hours sleep in between to solve overseas link problem with colleague (who had to sleep in New York office). These are the treasures that SG can bring away which nobody can take away.

And of cos, the blessing of working in a team with zero politics. Rarely in the marketplace will SG encounter a good buddy who can work shoulder-to-shoulder, not having to worry about who's leading or fight over credit. A large part of credit goes to SG's teammate easy-going, hardworking and humourous personality. 'cos SG's temper is not that good. Will miss the Network Team.

Thanx to all who have helped SG in the 4 years!

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peishanyeo said...

Eh Soo Guan sad to see ya go... and many many thanks for all the help with IT stuff especially you coming up to the 28th floor personally to look into the wireless access issue during the Crisis exercise - thanks a billion! Would still see ya around in church and all the best in your new job. =)