Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Japan Trip - Part 8

This morning is boring - domestic flight from Tokyo to Hokkaido.

After landing, we transferred to Hell Valley in one of the national parks.

We stayed in a Ryokan, a Japanese Inn Style resort. The name is Daiichi Takimotokan (第一滝本館). Except for the smell of smoke when you walk in the corridor (the Japanese smoke a lot), the place is fantastic.

The food is great, and the Onsen (hot spring bath) is much bigger than the one we have in Mt Fuji. In fact, there are 7 Onesen pools which Karen enjoyed alot. During dinner, we ate non-stop for 2 hours. So much crab that SG ate. Unfortunately, it's not the famous Hokkaido hairy crab.

Main dishes

Remains of crab that we consume


After dinner & a short break, we pamper ourselves in the bubble bath and the 7 different hot springs. Some are quite hot, so we only try about half of them.

Check out this website when you're visiting Hokkaido ->

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